From Oporto to Coimbra

From Oporto to Coimbra

[ Nov.2014 ] Our destination this time were Coimbra and Monsanto in Portugal.

We flew to Oporto and went from the airport to the train station called Campanha by 'Metro'.

At the Metro station in the airport, there was no one to help us, so many foreign tourists including us were at a loss in front of the ticket machines.

Somehow we managed to get tickets and got on the 'Metro', which was little better than a tram and went very slowly.

And the train was full.

On top of that, it was raining outside and much colder than we expected.

When we travelled to Oporto in December a few years ago, we were surprised at how warm it was.

Anyway, all of these things made me down, though it was the beginning of our holiday.

The train journey from Campenha station to Coimbra B station was smooth, which took about one hour.

In Coimbra there are two staions, A and B and the one near the centre is A.

So we took another train just for one stop.

But we had to wait for a long time for this last train.

Then I remembered that the last time we travelled in Portugal, we had to be patient for public transport here.

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