Eat Weisswrust

Eat Weisswrust

[ May, 2013 ] Beer and sausage are the most typical foods in Germany, and the typical sausage in Munich is Weisswrust (white sausage).

I eat it every time I come here.

This time, we ate it when we got very tired in the evening after walking in the town and the palace, but we found online that the best time to eat it is in the morning before noon apaprently.

Also, you should have it with white beer to be authentic, but we took a black beer.

This black beer was so good that after that we had the black every time during this holiday.

By the way the foods at beer halls taste rather salty.

That is why we can drink beer easily a lot.

I do not think they are good foods for people with high blood pressure.

After three days of drinking beer, really my stomach became a beer belly.

After this holiday, I met someone who used to live in Germany and she said “You should not eat sausages, there are so many much tastier things in Germany”.

But because those strong waitresses rushed us, we chose the easy option i.e. sausages….