Gigantic tent

Gigantic tent

[ Mar.2014 ] Time is passing so fast.

This huge tent has been here in London for 14 years.

This was used in the Olympics in 2012 as well, but originally it was built as “Millennium Dome” in 1999.

I went inside while it was under construction,  wearing the helmet and wellingtons and got impressed by its size.

In 2000, they held events to commemorate the millennium here, but not enough people visited and got into a financial problem, so I always had a negative image, but it is still there and now it is one of the main landmark of London.

When I looked up, I found that after closing at the end of 2000, it was open temporarily for some other events and also used as a shelter for homeless people.

In May 2005, the name changed to “The O2”, because the mobile phone company O2 agreed to pay the running cost.

It is reopened properly in 2007.

There is “O2 Arena” inside, which can contain 20000 people.

I have been there for a concert once.

Because it is huge, only powerful performer can have the concert here, otherwise it would be very lonely.

Outside of the arena, a cinema and restaurants are there.

This time we had lunch in a Brazilian restaurant.

There are many restaurants to choose from, though all of them are chain.

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