Handmade by monks

Handmade by monks

[ Nov.

2013 ] We looked for a shop called #Ai #Monasteri which was listed in our guidebook.

I was very interested in the shop because all of the products such as soaps, cosmetics, foods and liqueur are handmade by monks.

Eventually we found the shop which did not look like cosmetic shop or foods shop, but more like a chemist.

That is because the owner, Mr.

Nardi is a pharmacist according to the leaflet I received.

This shop was founded in 1894 and since then Nardi family has always been running it.

Current Mr.Nardi is the fourth.

The products here were made according to century old and closely protected recipes and they are from all over Italy.

I bought some soaps like carrot soap and cucimber soap, and shampoo and bath oil.

The labels are printed in somewhat amateurish way, which gives a character.

When we were going out, he told me that there is a Japanese website, so I looked at it after coming back and got surprised.

There is a branch shop in Kobe.