Participating in the Photomarathon

Participating in the Photomarathon

[ Jun.2016 ] We participated in the Photomarathon in Milan. What is the Photomarathon? It is an event whereby you keep taking photos in keeping with the themes given by the organiser for a day.

On the day in June, we went to the appointed square at 9am. We showed our registration card which we had received beforehand by email. Then they gave us the matching T-shirt and easy day pack. We did not have to wear it, but most of the other people were wearing it. They gave us three themes at this stage. After that, at 1pm another three themes and then at 4pm the last three themes were given. That was the end of the gathering, but we could keep taking photos along the themes whole day. And on the next day, we uploaded the photos, one photo per theme. In the end, the best photo per theme and overall winner is announced after a few months.

The themes on the day were for example, “Strange, but true” “praise democracy” “at the centre”, etc. None of them were easy. I was panicked some moments as I could not think of any ideas for some themes, but in the end I could submit nine photos. It was the first time for me to join this event and I enjoyed it very much. So much so that we joined the same event in Turin a few months later. Apparently not only in Italy, but there are some similar events in Germany and some northern European countries. I will check the schedule and try to join them next year.

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