Il Vittoriano

Il Vittoriano

[ Nov.

2013 ] This is a monument whose proper name is National Monument to Vittorio Emanuele 2, known as Il Vittoriano.

They started building this in 1985, sacrificing many old buildings already there and it is made of white marble.

It has got a bad reputation, maybe because the way they made it was forcible and the white colour does not match with surrounding area.

Apparently people call it ‘typewriter’ or ‘false teeth’.

I went in there for the first time.

This is under ministory of defence and there is Altar of Unknown Soldiers in front.

Inside is a museum.

But the highlight is rooftop, where you can see whole Rome.

I could see a quite messy city with ruins, statues and old houses from there, which was very interesting.

The lift cost 7 euro, though.