[ Nov.

2013 ] I had thoght #Pantheon in #Rome was facing Piazza Navona, but in fact, it is about 200m away from there, facing Piazza della Rotonda.

This piazza has got a fountain, too and that is why I was mistaken.

The original of Pantheon was made in about 27 BC, but that one was burned down and the one we see now was built around 126 AD.

It is a round building and the diametre and the hight are the same 43.3m.

The word ‘Pantheon’ apparently means ‘all gods’, but in 609 this Pantheon became a cathoric church.

Even now they hold Mass or weddings here.

I wish I could get married here once…

I had remembered here to be more empty, but apart from the altar, there was a shrine of Italian king, too and at one area, they were having a photo exhibition.

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