Only a Starter, But a Lot

Only a Starter, But a Lot

[ Oct.2015 ] We went to our favourite seafood restaurant in Milan with our family, who had just arrived from Japan.

This restaurant is famous for its mixed seafood starter, because they serve many kinds of cooked and raw seafood.

One time in the past, we had to cancel the main course because we were already full up after eating the starter.

This is the photo of the last dish of their “antipastino” (meaning small starter).

This time, there was 5 of us, but we ordered the starter for 3 and, afterwards, we ate some pasta, too.

The name of this restaurant is San Glicerio 2.

It was started by a man from Puglia, in southern Italy, who came to Milan in 1972 with his 11 brothers.

The restaurant we went to was their second branch, which opened in 1987.

There was a singer there and the some of the customers were stunning.

My family from Japan were saying “I feel as if we were in a film”.

Apparently, there is the third branch of this restaurant and it is specialised in barbecue.

Milan is far from the sea, but we can eat seafood of very good quality.

The good things come to the place where the money is.