Gorgeous theatre in Vicenza (Veneto - Italy)

Gorgeous theatre in Vicenza

[ Jun.2016 ] Our last destination in Veneto in north Italy was Vicenza. There are many buildings here planned by Andrea Palladio, the famous architect in the 16th century and this town is listed as the Unesco World Heritage. It is fairly big town with many places to see, but our time was limited, so we went to the tourist office and let them point out the most important places in the map. The first was the Olimpic Theatre. The entrance fee was 11 euro, which I thought it expensive, but in fact it was worth it. This is the world first indoor theatre planned by Palladio. Apparently he wanted to put the ancient Roman theatre indoor. It was gorgeous. Especially I liked the way they made the depth on the stage using perspective representation. It was completed in 1585, but by then Palladio was dead. Currently they still use here a few times per year.

We also visited Santa Corona Church whose altar was magnificent made of marble tarsias. When we were looking at the pictures of the altar, a group of people ran up here saying that one of the pictures had a thread sewn into it. I looked at it carefully, but I could not see that. I wonder if it is true…

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