how to get to Asinara Island

how to get to Asinara Island

[Sept. 2020] Our “living” in Alghero on Sardinia, Italy was already in the second half.

On this day, we took a full day tour to Asinara, a small island at the northwestern tip of the main island of Sardinia.

A few days before, when we searched for this tour at the port of Alghero, we found that all the tours were from the town of Stintino on the opposite bank, where we had to go on our own, so we left it without booking any.

But after that, we telephoned a bus and tour company called Cattogno Viaggi and we were told that they could arrange a tour from Alghero, so we booked this.

the port in Stintino where the boat to Asinara departed from

The company was very efficient and reliable, and responded quickly even it was out of their working hours.

On the morning of the tour, before 8 o’clock, we took the bus at the nearest bus stop from the house (Airbnb), Piazza Mercede.

We paid € 15 per person for the bus when we got on it.

We thought it was the price for one way, but later we found out that it was for return.

The driver had a list of people who got on the bus and checked it.

It’s becoming increasingly clear that not all passengers went to Asinara, but basically this bus was tailored to go to Stintino.

Italy-Sardinia-Stintino-people on board-houses
people at the upper deck

The bus is full.

On the way, at one point, the driver called out,  “If you are going to Asinara, please get off here”, so we got off there and went down from the road to the port.

A car which looked like a VW van was parked on a corner of the car park of the port, and that was the ticket office.

Here, we paid the tour price of € 60 per person + € 5 for unknown reason (they said something, but we could not get it).

The person here also had a list, including our names.

We didn’t know, but they only accepted cash here.

We were lucky to have just withdrawn the money.

the view of the sea

The names were checked when we boarded the ship, too.

We went up to the open air deck on the ship.

It was really outdoors, but since it’s a boat, everyone wore a mask.

Not all the people on board were the tour members, but also the people who went around the island on their own.

For crossing only, it cost € 20.

The boat trip was 20 minute or so.

The weather was not so great, mainly cloudy and sometimes sunny, and the scenery was not remarkable.

Italy-Sardinia-Asinara-Trenino-rocky mountain-road
tour by Trenino

The island of Asinara we arrived at is a nature reserve.

There seemed to be ways to go around the island, such as a tour by Torenino (a sightseeing bus looking like an amusement park train), a jeep tour, or by the rental bicycles.

We had already chosen the easiest option, the tour by Torenino.

It was full with 4 people in a row, but since it was open, I didn’t feel the danger of corona.

Everyone, including children around 4 years old, was wearing a face mask.

The name was checked again when we got on this.

And then, the tour started.