JR’s ability for organisation

JR’s ability for organisation

[april 2012] I went to Kanazawa from Tokyo using Shinkansen Bullet Train up to Echigoyuzawa and then changed, and took the same route on the way back.

But because of the horrible weather called “bomb” cyclone, the train timetable was totally messed up.

While I was in the rapid train from Kanazawa, there was an announcement saying that the Bullet train No.X was delayed for 2 hours and the train No.XX was cancelled.

Well in other countries, we would be grateful with this much of information, but in Japan the announcement continued, ” If you have the ticket for train No.X or XX, please take the train No.XXX arriving at Echigouzawa at ZZ time.

As we organised, the first class tickets and reserved seat tickets are valid for this XXX train.

I am sorry for this trouble”.

I was very impressed! It may be normal in Japan, but I just had an experiencea couple of months ago in Italian train that there was not my seat in the carriage though I reserved seat (details are in my blog called Mystery of ‘White Arrow’ train).

Well done, JR.