Cape Futtsu

Cape Futtsu

[ Dec.2014 ] The last stop of our family holiday was Cape Futtsu in Chiba prefecture in Japan.

Before going to the end of the cape, we had a lunch.

We had conger eel meal at the restaurant called “Daisada”.

The conger eel grilled with salt was very good.

Our family member had planned the journey beforehand, which enabled us to do everything without wasting much time.

And we went to the tip of the cape.

In the strong wind, we went up to the top of the observatory which was an interesting shape.

I was not sure this was still under construction or it was built but dilapidated.

It was somewhat not quite completed.

The view from the top was nice, but I was more interested in this structure, which was very nice seen as a silhouette against the evening sun.