About mittens (Riga - Latvia)

About mittens

[ July, 2016 ] The mittens seem very important item for Latvian people. We came across  the shop called SENA KLETS which was introduced in some of the Japanese websites, so we went in.

This place was not just a shop but a kind of museum.

Not only mittens with colourful and intricate patterns, but old traditional costumes were exhibited. riga2016-162

According to the explanation board placed next to the mittens, the mittens were not only the gloves to protect against cold, but people express their feelings which are not easy to say in words using their mittens.

Amazing, isn’t it. They are also used in many ceremonies.

The luxurious ones are treasures of the family to keep from generation to generation.

When you get married, the tradition is that the bride has to knit mittens for all of her new in laws and the each pair has to have the different patterns.

Well, I do not think they do that now, though.

The mittens exhibited here were reproductions of the museum items, knitted for Maruta Grasmane, a folklorist for her book.riga2016-160

Compared with the ones being sold, these ones’ patterns were more elaborate using thinner yarn.

In our current life, we do not use mittens so much, so I did not buy anything here, but if they had been selling some jumpers or cardigans with these patterns, I would have definitely bought some.

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