Dinner in Lincoln

Dinner in Lincoln

[ Nov.2018 ] On the first evening in Lincoln, we went to a restaurant called Jew’s House.

We had found this one on the internet and it looked good, so we had booked a table there.

We saw the restaurant on the way from the station to the hotel, so we did not get lost, but it was around the bottom of the steep “Steep Hill”, so we had to walk quite a lot.

As the name suggests, Jewish people used to live in this Jew’s House, which was built around 1170.

According to the guidebook we bought at the tourist office, there is evidence that a person called Belaset of Wallingford used to live here, who was hanged for coin clipping in 1279.

Coin clipping is a crime, whereby clipping gold or silver coins a little so that people would not notice, they gather the gold or silver chips and melt them to make a bar, then sell them to goldsmiths or made fake coins.

Next to Jew’s House, there is another house called Jew’s Court, which is thought to have been a synagogue.

However, they have renovated it so extensively in the last 300 years, you cannot see a trace of it.

We learned later when we visited the cathedral that, in medieval times, there used to be a thriving Jewish community in Lincoln.

However, in the 13th century, one child was killed and the community blamed Jewish people for that.

All of the Jewish people were henceforth expelled from the town.

At that time, Lincoln was already the most northern town in England where Jewish people lived, according to the guide in the cathedral.

There used be another Jewish community in York, but by then, all of them had been expelled.

We had learned again that Nazis were not the first people to persecute Jewish people.

Now, about the restaurant.

We had known that the building was from the 12th century by the information on the internet, so we were expecting to see an old-fashioned, quaint place, but the room they took us to on the first floor was completely renovated, so it was not so special unfortunately.

Nonetheless, the food was good.

After the appetizer of salmon, I had a dish of partridge for the starter, which was very good and the portion was generous.

My husband chose Burrata for the starter, but the actual Burrata was very small and the vegetables were decorated nicely.

My main was grouse.

Though both were poultry, we do not see these dishes very often, so I chose that anyway.

The waitress said “It is the season for grouse”.

The texture was similar to duck and it was tasty.

My husband was satisfied with his lamb for the main.

The greatest part of the meal was the dessert, which was Goat’s Cheese Ice Cream.

It was very unusual and tasted excellent, though according to the waitress “Some people do not like it because it is a bit peculiar”.

Including a bottle of Malbec, the bill came to about £150, which was not cheap, but it was really satisfactory.

On the way back, we had to climb the steep slope.

The people who were coming down were all drunk young people.

One girl was shouting “Don’t bump into me!”, losing her perspective.

I understood that this was the scene of so-called ‘binge drinking’.

Most of them were wearing mini skirts and showing their bare legs.

These kinds of people exist in London, too, but we do not see them, usually.

In a small town like Lincoln, it is more likely to see them, I understand.

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