Bran Castle (Bran - Romania)

Bran Castle

[ Apr.2014 ] Bran Castle is one of the most famous castles in the world.

The reason why is that it is supposed to be Dracula’s castle.

But the model of Dracula, Vlad Ⅲ never lived here.

The design of this castle made it look a typical castle you would imagine and it is perched on a hill, which arouses our imagination anyway.

There is a narrow long secret staircase inside the castle, which is perfectly suitable for Dracula.

In 1920 this castle was given to the Queen Marie by Brasov city, which had been a owner.

Since then, the royal family used it for summer.

Currently the furniture and other things which Marie imported from all over Europe are exhibited.

When Romania was under communist regime, it belonged to the state, but now it is back in hand of the offsptings of Marie.

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