[ Mar.2014 ] Our hotel in Toledo, Spain was facing Plaza Zocodover.

This square seemed an important place in Toledo because my guide book introduces it first thing as Toledo sights.

I thought the name was a bit strange and found that it came from an Arabic name, meaning ‘livestock market’.

From mid 15th century to 1960s, they had Tuesday market every week.

In the past, this place was used for bull fighting and executions of criminals.

One side of the square is occupied by this gorgeous building you can see in the photo, but this seems only a local government related building and there is not very much information.

Just in the middle of this building, there is an Islamic style arch and its name is ‘Arch of Blood’.

The name is something to do with the executions done in the square.

Now it is a peaceful square where old people hanging around to take a sun or something.

Unfortunately, though, there are two American hamburger shops.