Stylish restaurant

Stylish restaurant

[ Nov.2015 ] The other purpose of our visit to the National Museum of Scotland in Edinburgh was the Tower Restaurant in it.

My friend’s guide book said it is worth going because of the view.

When we entered, I recognised that it was the restaurant that someone I had met during a business trip had taken me a long time ago.

However, the museum was only opened in 2011, so I thought this did not match up.

I looked on the internet and found that the restaurant itself was opened in 1998.

In London, Sir Terence Conran, the designer, at one time opened many trendy restaurants, and in Scotland, apparently someone called James Thomson did the same thing. This restaurant is one of his.

Because we did not book, our table was far from the window, but from the window the Edinburgh Castle could be seen, which was very nice.

This restaurant seemed to be one to which local people occasionally dress up and come to.

The main thing is the food.

I chose salmon for the starter and hake for the main, both of which were tasty.

Especially the hake, which had a bit of spring onion on top that gave it a nice pungency.

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