Scottish National Gallery

Scottish National Gallery

[ Nov.2015 ] I have been to Edinburgh many times, but this was my first visit to Scottish National Gallery.

It stands on The Mound, which is an artificial hill connecting New Town and Old Town.

The building is magnificent.

It opened to the public in 1859.

When you enter, you will get a strong impression from the red wall, as you can see from the photo.

The older works were on the first floor, so we should have gone to upstairs first, but we did not know that, so we saw the ground floor first.

There were a few rooms of Impressionists on the first floor at the back of the building, as well.

There were so many masterpieces by historical famous painters such as Raffaello, Da Vinci, El Greco, Rubens, Monet and so on.

It is our privilege being in the UK to see these paintings free and on top of that we were allowed to take photos.