Looking at the North of the Country at Nicosia

Looking at the North of the Country at Nicosia

[ Mar.2015 ] The destination of this tour was Nicosia, the capital city of Cyprus.

Nicosia is divided into two like Berlin in the past.

The north part belongs to the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus, which no one recognises apart from Turkey.

Some of the members of our tour went to the northern part during their free time, but we decided to look at it from the observatory.

As you can see in the photo, in the north they have engraved two flags on the slope of a mountain, one of which is the Northern Cyprus flag and the other is Turkish, for self-assertion, or as the people in the south say, to threaten them.

We also saw the Selimiye Mosque, which used to be a gothic-style Catholic cathedral of Aya Sofia.

By the way, this observatory was on the 11th floor of a department store in the main street in the city.

The 11th floor is the highest, which goes to show how low the other buildings are.

It was a very relaxing town, which was not like a capital city of a country.

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