[ Apr.2015 ] It was a very fine day the next day and we spent all day in Paphos in Cyprus without going anywhere.

When we were walking along the harbour area, we found a sign for renting motorboats.

You could steer it yourself or you could ask the staff to do it without any extra charge.

It was 30 euros for 30 minutes (they had three boats with the price depending on the size).

We asked the staff to steer the boat and went around near the harbour for about half an hour.

On the way, there were not many waves and I could take photos like this one, but on the way back we had a lot of big waves and the boat jumped quite a few times.

At first, I felt as if I was being thrown out of the boat and felt a bit of panic, but after that, I just enjoyed it very much and kept laughing.

According to the driver, in summer, three boats work full time for about 10 hours every day.

He said he would not recommend the boat with the glass floor to see inside the sea, because usually people cannot see anything and many of them get sick.

We asked about the economy of this country, too, and he said “They say it is getting better, but I do not feel it. There is so much unemployment”.

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