the tuna bowl and sightseeing boat in Misaki

the tuna bowl and sightseeing boat in Misaki

[ Dec.2019 ] After enjoying Umanose Domon on the Jogashima Island in Miura City in Japan, we walked to Jogashima Lighthouse.

Japan-Kanagawa-Miura-Jogashima Island-Umanose Domon
lovely view of Umanose Domon

There was a path above Umanose Domon and the view from there was picturesque, too.

It was so quiet that a friend of ours said “This could be the scene in a suspense drama”.

On the way, another friend disappeared and we were worried saying “She could be kidnapped, mistaken as a young girl”, half joking.

Of course there was no incident in the end.

Around the lighthouse, there were some houses making a small village.

The shore underneath the lighthouse seemed to be a good place for fishing.

Japan-Kanagawa-Miura-Jogashima Island-Jogashima Lighthouse-Mt.Fuji
Jogashima Lighthouse and Mt. Fuji

There were a few people fishing though the large waves were washing against the rocks.

According to the online information, this Jogashima Lighthouse has got a history since the 17th century when they started sending smoke signals from here.

People are not allowed to enter the lighthouse site, so we walked around it heading for the bus stop.

There were a few small restaurants along the street.

Although we had planned to have lunch at the Misaki Port area, because we were hungry enough, we went into one of the restaurants as a worker called out to us.

The ticket we had, “Misaki Maguro Kippu” included a meal coupon called “Maguro Manpuku Ken”.

We could use this coupon only for the limited menus, but they were good enough.

Japan-Kanagawa-Miura-Jogashima Island-restaurant-Magurodon lunch
Magurodon, the rice bowl with tuina

We all had Maguro Don ( rice bowl topped with tuna).

The bowl itself was not big, but there were a lot of tuna from its different parts.

They served Miso soup and an appetiser as well as dessert, which made us full.

I think this “Misaki Maguro Kippu” is really good value.

After lunch, we went back to mainland to Misaki Port by bus.

Now we used the recreation activity coupon called “Miura Misaki Omoide Ken” included in “Misaki Maguro Kippu”.

Japan-Kanagawa-Miura-Misaki Port-sightseeing boat-Nijiiro Sakana
sightseeing boat, Nijiiro Sakana

There were many options, such as day-use hot springs, rental bicycles and so on and our choice was the sightseeing boat departing from the Misaki Port called “Nijiiro Sakana”.

It says ‘half-submarine underwater sightseeing boat’, but unfortunately it was too windy on the day, so we could not see underwater.

So it was a simple sightseeing boat sailing around the port.

Unexpectedly, the highlight of this trip was seagulls.

While we were at sea, the countless seagulls surrounded the boat and cried out loudly all the time, so we could not hear any of the information broadcasting on the boat.

Japan-Kanagawa-Miura-Misaki Port-sightseeing boat-seagulls
a flock of seagulls following our boat

It seemed they were selling some food for the birds and some passengers were throwing it out, so the seagulls would not leave us.

As I said before, I do not like birds.

Some of the birds were nearly getting into the deck and I was so frightened that I was making noise as loud as them.

According to my husband who was observing them, one of them hit on a pillar of the boat.

It was flying for a while, but after using up its strength, it fell in the sea.

I do not like them, but hearing that, I felt so sorry for the bird.

After this terrifying boat trip, we went into the covered fish market at  Misaki port.

Japan-Kanagawa-Miura-Misaki Port-market-tuna
tuna sold in the market

Misaki is famous for tunas, but they are not captured around here.

They are brought here from all over the world.

Every pack was labeled where they were captured, for example, Malta, off Ireland and off New York.

A friend of mine bought a sashimi pack from Malta and I bought something called tuna ham, which I had never seen before.

We ate it at dinner with my family and it tasted good so much so that my mum said “why didn’t you get more?”.