Lefkara, The Village Famous For Lace-Making

Lefkara, The Village Famous For Lace-Making

[ Mar.2015 ] On the next day, we joined another tour to Nicosia, the capital of Cyprus.

Before Nicosia, we stopped at a village called Lefkara, which is famous for its lace making and silver work.

In the shop they took us to, a woman with refined manners explained the lace, with her hands keeping busy making one.

In the past it was an industry, but now they do not get paid by the hour.

The village women keep working as something like a hobby.

They have about 50 women working for this shop.

Their lace is not like the lace we saw in Croatia, which was made by knitting, but it is like embroidery on linen cloth.

They make marks on the cloth where to stitch with the scissors.

The zigzag pattern is traditional.

A long time ago, Da Vinci visited this village and used this zigzag pattern in his “the Last Supper” picture, she said.

Therefore, the zigzag pattern is now called the Da Vinci pattern.

She also told us that the senior of this shop presented the original tablecloth to Duomo, in Milan, when the cardinal Martini was the Archbishop of Milan, who died in 2012.

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