Wish on a star

Wish on a star

[ Aug.2013 ] In Italy on the night of San Lorenzo, people wish on shooting stars.

The day is 10th August.

While time passed, the peak of the meteor stream has moved to the 12th apparently, but still, around this time, people go to some higher places to watch the stars.

I joined them for the first time this year.

We went to the nearest famous place for star watching from Milan called Montevecchia.

They said that there were about 300 people last year, but this year it was much fewer.

Perhaps because there were thin clouds and it was not really star-studded sky.

My friend who prepared mat was disappointed.

We could still see stars, though.

and I could recognise the Plow and others.

In the end, I could not see any shooting stars, but one of the people I was with said that he saw two.

I thought spitefully that it must be illusions.