Festival at castle

Festival at castle

[ June, 2014 ] There is a ruin of an old castle in Trezzo sull’Adda near Milan.

Originally it was built as a fortress by Longobard people in 6 – 8th century.

In the 12th century Holy Roman Emperor, Fredrick the 1st owned it and then in the 14th century it went under the powerful aristocrats, Viscontis.

They say there are a lot of ghosts living there as so many murders happened in the long history.

The German soldiers who stayed here during WW2 apparently encountered ghosts of  a troop protecting Frederick’s treasures.

Anyway, when we visited there, there were no ghosts and they were holding the medieval festival and having a fun.

From top of the tower, we could see the nice panorama and clearly see how the Adda river winds.