Bad Schandau

Bad Schandau

[ Aug.2015 ] The destination of our slow steamship journey was Bad Schandau, a town in Saxon Switzerland in Germany.

This town seemed to be known as a spa town.

As we had to go back to Dresden, we looked for the railway station.

Because it is a small town, I thought we would come across the station sooner or later, but in fact, we could not find it at all.

We asked a person in a pub and she said “Go straight to find the bridge. After crossing the bridge, it is in front of you“.

We started walking in that direction, but after a while we realized that she had thought we had a car, because the bridge was so far away.

So, we decided to go in to a nearby hotel and ask for a taxi.

The kind hotel receptionist said: Just go down there, there is a ferry to the station“.

We went down to the river in half doubt.

Sure enough, there was a ferry service to the station.

It took less than 10 minutes to arrive directly underneath the station.

Ferries play a very active part here on the Elbe, as we crossed it by ferry at Kurort Rathen, too.

By the way, in Dresden, which is a city too big to rely on ferries, they built a bridge that caused their elimination from the Unesco World Heritage list.

It was listed in 2004 and removed in 2009.

They should have made a tunnel, shouldn’t they?

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