Meissen Porcelain Museum

Meissen Porcelain Museum

[ Sept.2015 ] We went to the famous Meissen Porcelain Museum just to have a topic of conversation.

Meissen Porcelain is the manufacturer who first succeeded in making porcelain in Europe and was protected by the then royal family.

At first, the factory was placed within Meissen’s castle to hide the technique.

Now, we can learn their manufacturing process roughly by listening to the audio guide and seeing the demonstrations.

We were guided to 4 special classrooms and each specific expert performed in front of us.

So, it was not the actual factory visit.

I have never experienced anything like this.

Anyway, they showed how everything is done by skilled hands and made us understand “why Meissen is so expensive”…but they are still  too expensive.

The 30% off at the outlet in the museum is just a drop in the ocean.

However, after a while, our eyes got accustomed to the figures and in the end we bought a couple of things there.

Well, the porcelain was originally developed in China. 

In Japan, they started making it about 100 years before they did in Meissen.

Europeans tried hard to copy the oriental ones, so in fact, we, the orientals, do not need to admire it so much, but I saw many fellow countrymen in the museum, while I did not see any in the old town.

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