Could not take a photo of The Mouth of Truth

Could not take a photo of The Mouth of Truth

[ Nov.

2013 ] In the famous old Hollywood film ”#Roman #Holiday”, Gregory Peck pretends that his hand was cut to surprise Audrey Hepburn at the Mouth of Truth.

This Mouth is situated at the end of a gallery in front of Church of Santa Maria in Cosmedin in Rome.

It is a statue of a face with its mouth open.

In the gallery, there were lots of tourists waiting for their turn to put their hand into the Mouth.

It did not seem to be a compulsion, but there were boxes saying in many languages that you should put 0.50 euro in and there was a notice saying “One Photo Per Person” as well.

So, when my turn came, I just managed to put my hand in the Mouth and one photo taken and did not have time to take another photo for this blog.

When I visited here long time ago, I do not think it was so busy…

This is a photo of the church itself.

It had a slight atmosphere of Oriental Orthodoxy and we could hear that sort of music there.

The best thing here was the floor pattern, which was very beautiful.

By the way, this Mouth of Truth used to be a lid of a manhole and in the Middle Ages it was digged out and placed here.