the beauty of la Pelosa beach exceeded our expectation

the beauty of la Pelosa beach exceeded our expectation

[Sept. 2020] During our stay in Alghero, Sardinia, Italy, we wanted to go to the beach called La Perosa in Stintino.

Not only did I see the pictures many times, but last year my friend who actually went there told me about its beauty.

In fact, when we came to Alghero two years ago, we wanted to go here, but we gave up because there was no bus service and the weather was not nice.

This beach started charging from this year and you have to pay € 3.5 per person per day.

the sea was shallow

However, since it is a public space, it is free if you just walk on the beach and swim in the sea.

You will be charged as soon as you sit down on the beach.

We booked and paid online about a week before.

At that time, it was already sold out until the end of August, so we decided to go there in September.

It’s really a popular beach.

We were planning to go to Stintino by the local bus and went to the ticket office at the Alghero bus stop the day before, but it was always closed and we couldn’t get any information.

So we sent a message to the bus & tour company Cattogno Viaggi, the one that organised the tour of Asinara and we got a reply immediately, so we made a reservation.

very popular beach

As I said before, this company is very smart and reliable.

On the day, we took the bus (round trip € 15) at Piazza delle Mercede and arrived at our destination in about an hour.

From there to the beach, we needed to walk a considerable distance seeing the sea on your right.

Gradually, the colour of the sea became the one that I had seen in photographs.

We could see that water was quite shallow.

The “Towers of Aragon” (towers of guards to prevent the invasion of Arabs) that can be found all over Sardinia was also here and that was making the scenery even more picturesque.

We went down to the beach and secure a parasol (€ 30).

The Tower of Aragon

Then we went back up to the street level to the checking point, proved that we had booked the beach on my husband’s mobile phone, and got a paper bracelet each.

At the beach, staff sometimes look around to check people’s bracelets.

We always rent deckchairs and umbrellas for a fee on the beach, but in Italy all the beaches have to have the free space where people can spread their towels to enjoy the ocean.

We could see the free space on the left side.

Of course, here too, because you will sit down, you have to pay for the beach.

First we had a short walk, enjoyed the scenery around us, and then went into the sea.

The gradation of the sea

It’s shallow with the soft white sand, and I felt really good.

However, the water was colder than the beach on Asinara two days before.

The colour of the sea was aquamarine when compared to jewels.

The offshore area was darker and bluer than chrysocolla, so it’s probably the color of azurite.

I think this beauty is as good as the Caribbean Sea.