Water taxi

Water taxi

[ Oct.2015 ] From the central station in Milan we took a fast train called Frecciabianca to Venice.

The last time I went there was three years ago, but it was the first time for some of my family members.

They were very impressed by this gorgeous city as we expected.

We took a water taxi from the Santa Lucia railway station to Piazza San Marco where our hotel was.

This is the photo of the Grand Canal from the taxi.

This journey cost 65 euros, which was not cheap, but we had big suitcases and elderly person, so we chose the taxi.

And it was very comfortable.

A few days later, we took the taxi again, this time from Piazza San Marco to the airport.

It was a longer journey and cost 120 euros.

We crossed the sea and the boat rolled, which was another interesting experience.

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