Living in a ruin

Living in a ruin

[ Nov.

2013 ] This is a photo of #Theatre of #Marcellus in Rome.

It was completed in 13 AD.

The diameter was 111m and it could contain 11000 – 20000 people.

In the 4th century, they stopped using it as a theatre and in the Middle Age, it was used as a fortress.

It is clearly a ruin, but the windows on the upper floors have glass and they seemed being used now.

When we went round the corner, we found that an irregular building was attached to the theatre and the window there had some curtains.

I looked up in the internet and it said ” now upper part is divided into multiple apartments”.

I said ” Roman people look like living in the ruins” before, but really they live not only next to ruins but also on top of them.

I wonder how much the properties in the ruins are…