dash on Anzali Lagoon

dash on Anzali Lagoon

[ May 1999 ] In the morning after staying one night in Bandar-e Anzali, the town on the Caspian Sea in Iran, we had breakfast at the cafe at the water’s edge.

Iran-Bandar e Anzali-honey-honeycomb-on the table
very tasty honey

Our guide, Khalil bought some honey and cream, which were the specialities in this region and that was our breakfast.

This honey had the honeycomb.

It was the first time for me to eat the honeycomb in my life.

And it was really good!

After breakfast, we took a boat on the Anzali Lagoon.

That sounds like we had a relaxing time on a rowing boat, but in fact it was a motor boat and dashed around the lagoon, which was very exciting.

This lagoon is famous for the wild birds and apparently when the water lilies are in full bloom, the area becomes pink all around and very beautiful.

Iran-Anzali Lagoon-water lily-water-leaves
unfortunately, no flowers

Unfortunately, we were too early for water lilies, but it was very nice going through the green plants on the boat.

The boatman did not speak English, but tried hard to communicate with us by gestures, which was nice of him and we had a really good time.

After we got ashore, we moved on to the next destination.

Because we had only about 2 weeks and there were so many places I wanted to see, this tour was very busy.

On the way, in a unknown town, Khalil and Ali, the driver bought some water melons and during their shopping, I was waiting in the car and took some photos from the car window.

Iran-near Bandar e Anzali-men-three-communication
talkative Iranian people

A couple of men noticed me and told me to take their photo by gesture and I did, then the looked happy waving their hands.

We also had a small communication with the local people who were English teachers.

Generally speaking, I found that Iranian people were kind and friendly.

Then we moved on into a mountain and we had another Kebab lunch.

It is all right as I like Kebabs…

It was a lovely place, full of green.

Iran-near Bandar e Anzali-Kebab-lunch
Kebabs for lunch

The people who were grilling Kebabs were nice and friendly, too, so I asked if it is OK for me to take pictures of them working on Kebabs.

They seemed happy, but when I pointed my camera to them, their smile disappeared and stood stiff and still with the serious expression.

They did not seem to be used to having their picture taken.

Anyway, I thought I would not have had this kind of lovely lunch in a mountain, if we had been travelling on our own taking a series of buses, so I ate my Kebabs gratefully.

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