Bridge made of a monolith

Bridge made of a monolith

[ May, 2015 ] The next place we went in Dartmoor, south west England was Postbridge.

This place is too small to be called a village.

There is the tourist information centre for the National Park, but more famous thing here is an old bridge made of a monolith which traverses East Dart river.

This type of bridge is called clapper bridge.

It is thought that this was built in the 13th century in order to cross the river with horses which carried tins produced in the mines in the west part of Devon and Cornwall.

The other stone bridge which is used now as a part of the road was built in the late 18th century.

Both were lovely and quaint.

The reason why the river water was brown was apparently because of the peat.

It was a cold day as in early May, but a couple was playing dipping in the water.

The local people seem very strong against the cold.

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