the accommodation in Looe and the restaurant we went after 4 and a half months

the accommodation in Looe and the restaurant we went after 4 and a half months

[ July, 2020 ] After about five and a half hours journey by train from London, we finally arrived in Looe, the seaside town in Cornwall in the south western England.

As soon as we got off the train, I felt the strong liveliness of a touristy town.

Nobody was wearing the face masks here.

the stone bridge over the Looe River

We crossed the only bridge over the Looe river to West Looe.

The Old Bridge House which situated close to the bridge was our accommodation.

It was not exactly a hotel and the atmosphere was more like a B&B.

I think they call themselves a Guest House.

The landlady, Liz, seeing us wearing masks, went back to her room saying “One moment, I will wear my mask”.

She explained some rules among which was to order your choice of breakfast one night before, writing in a form and leaving it on the tray.

She gave us a pack of stuff including keys and the forms.

England-Cornwall-Looe-accommodation-Old Bridge House-room-bed
the room was small but cosy

Our room was on the first floor, looking over the port on Looe River.

The room was small but it was ‘the Room with the View’.

Because of the pandemic, the bottle of sanitary liquid and the wipe were there on a table.

It seemed that the guest house was full on the day.

It was a long journey, so we rested a bit in the room, then we went out for dinner to the booked restaurant called Smugglers Cott.

For this holiday, we had booked all the restaurants we went beforehand.

We had tried to book them online as usual, but some restaurants had not resumed their business after temporarily closed because of the Corona virus, so it was difficult to book a table in advance.

England-Cornwall-Looe-restaurant-the Smugglers Cott-table for two
our table in the restaurant

So we had asked the accommodation to send us a list of restaurants which were already open and in this way we managed to book the tables.

I think it was worth an effort, because of the situation and there were so many tourists in the town.

This restaurant as well as the most of the shops were all in East Looe, the opposite side of the river.

After dressed up a little and wore some makeup first time in four months, we set off, learning how to get to the restaurant from Liz.

When we got into the restaurant, they took us to the small space just for two people at the end of the room, which reminded me of another restaurant in St. Ives we visited last year.

The table was separated from other tables and though it was not exactly a private room, it was nice and relaxing.

England-Cornwall-Looe-restaurant-the Smugglers Cott-Shellfish Medley
excellent Shellfish Medley

And I felt it was less risky.

This was the first restaurant we visited in four and a half month.

The workers were all wearing face masks.

What I ate here were the Crab Cake for the starter (it was OK but too strong taste of herbs to taste the crab itself) and the grilled sea bass, which was good.

And the dessert was the Strawberry Pavlova, which was lovely as I have not tasted it for so long.

My husband had a stewed seafood called Shellfish Medley as the starter.

England-Cornwall-Looe-restaurant-Smugglers Cott-Strawberry Pavlova
lovely Strawberry Pavlova

And this was the best of the dishes we had in the evening as I taste a bit.

He also had Pollock, a kind of cod and the ice cream with Bailey’s.

As for drink, we had a bottle of Prosecco and altogether the bill was about £92, which was quite acceptable.

We were very happy that we enjoyed both the foods and the experience in the restaurant after so long.

After dinner, with our full stomach, we walked towards the beach.

getting dark, but the scenery was lovely

It was getting dark and the wind was quite strong, but the scenery was lovely, so we took many photos.

It was second half of July, at the height of summer, but I felt chilly wearing a thin jumper and a denim jacket.