Moving singing (London - England)

Moving singing

[ Dec.2013 ] We dropped in #Southwark #Cathedral on the day we had a walk around London Bridge area.

I did not know there was a cathedral here.

Apparently there has been some religious establishment here since 606 AD, but it became ‘cathedral’ only in 1905.

Cathedral means that it is a church where the bishop of the diocese is and does not mean a big gorgeous church.

The new diocese was created in 1905 and this church became the centre of it.

The current building itself is from 13 – 15 centuries.

When we entered there, a choir was practicing.

I do not know they belong to the cathedral or a choir from outside for a concert, but it was wonderful.

Especially when they sang my favourite piece of John Tavener, I got moved from the bottom of my tummy.

This cathedral is used for concerts as well as they rent the space for meetings, graduation ceremonies and so on.

They charge £2 for taking photos.

They seem to have a very good business sense.

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