Walk on the coast of Corsica in the strong wind

Walk on the coast of Corsica in the strong wind

[Sept. 2007] The fourth day of the tour to walk in Corsica, France, was a walk along the coastline.

walkers on the coast of Corsica
my fellow walkers

Of course, I also participated in this.

When I checked the itinerary again, it said “rest day”.

It was a walk on the fairly flat place for about 6 km, and for people who love walking, it could be a “rest”.

First, we took a train to the village of Cocody and started walking from there.

Unfortunately, the strong cold wind was blowing on this day, and we could not bathe in the sea as the original itinerary said, but even in the Mediterranean Sea, the sight of the raging sea was also exciting.

the tower on the coast of Corsica
the tower we passed during the walk

During the walk, we passed the place where the ruin of the old tower was.

Since these walking tours are all about walking, there was no historical information provided by the tour leader.

So I’m not sure, but it looked like a tower built for surveillance during the reign of Genoa.

The view with the tower looked pretty good.

For lunch, we used to eat the sandwiches we brought with us outdoors, but on this day, we went into the restaurant and ate.

Of course, only those who wanted it.

The restaurant was called “Mata Hari” and had a nice atmosphere.

main dish on the table of the restaurant, "Mata Hari"
my main dish at “Mat Hari”
strawberries on the table of "Mata Hari" restaurant
delicious strawberries

I was full with the starter and the main course, but I remember eating the strawberries recommended by the good looking waiter for dessert, which was especially delicious.

After all, this walk became my last walk.

I was planning to participate in the last day again, but my friend who joined in this trip wanted to spend a holiday-like day, so we spent a relaxing time together.

the view of citadel of Calvi
the lovely citadel of Calvi seen on the last day

The weather was fine on this last day and we were able to enjoy the town of Calvi.

We bought some souvenirs at the supermarket, lied down on the beach and so on.

We had a good lunch at a restaurant, too.

Later that day,  we met everyone to have dinner at the usual restaurant “Santa Maria”.

There, I learned that this tour was the last job for John, a 74-year-old tour leader.

the meat dish at the restaurant in Calvi
I had a good meat dish for lunch.

He was still fine and energetic and he wanted to do more, but there was a age limit to do this job for the company.

I also learned that I wasn’t the only one who spent some time away from the group.

There was a couple, for example, who took Chemins de fer de la Corse (the Corsican railway) to the town of Corte on the mountain.

Being able to participate only in the walking you want to participate in is good.

As I said before, the people in this tour were all nice.

the outside table of Santa Maria restaurant in Calvi
we always had our dinner at the outside table of Santa Maria restaurant

There is also a later story that my friend, who loves matchmaking, made a plan to bring one of the participants’ younger brother and her friend together.

I am not sure if it was successful or not, though.

I remember when John asked me, “Would you like to take a walking tour like this again?”, I answered, “Maybe, as I bought the walking stick,” but for me, this was the first and last walking tour so far.

My walking stick should be lying in the corner of the storage somewhere.