Sightseeing bus in Frankfurt

Sightseeing bus in Frankfurt

[September 2012] In Germany as well as in the UK, Sundays seem the day for railway repairing.

Because of that the journey from Gemstones area in Germany to Frankfurt was not easy.

We had to change trains and take a bus, too.

Originally we were thinking of getting off somewhere in between to walk around, but we gave it up and decided to enjoy Frankfurt.

So we jumped onto the hop-on hop-off sightseeing bus which was there in front of the station.

It seemed that the usual red buses were running, too, but the one there happened to be a blue one.

I did not think much of it, thinking it must be the same standard, but no! The audio guide was on and off, and often not matching the scenery and the guide.

Oh, waste of money…, but after getting off once we got on the second one whose driver was very good.

He came up to the roof top seats and telling us to look at the birth house of Goethe.

Well, buses are really depending on the drivers, aren’t they, both local buses and the sightseeing buses.