[ Aug.2015 ] The reason why I could not finish the local cake in Kurort Rathen in Saxon Switzerland in Germany was not only the cake was too rich, but also when I put down my fork once, a bee came and sat on it.

There were many bees flying around here, as well as in Dresden.

In fact, there were bees sitting on cakes in a cafe in Dresden, but the staff did not mind that.

If German people, who are the leanest people, do not mind, maybe there is no harm.

After getting out of the cafe and coming back to the bus stop, the incident happened.

It was a hot day and I was wearing a cotton dress.

A naughty bee went into my skirt and got panicked, so he stung me on my leg! It was VERY painful.

I had already had back pain that day, so I had to endure the double pain.

When you want to say “misfortunes seldom come alone”, we say “a bee stings the crying face” in Japanese and I really felt that.

The sharp pain lasted until next morning but after that it gradually went away.

It was a nuisance for me, but the fact that so many bees were there means the conditions of the environment are good, doesn’t it?

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