The town where people live normally (Syros - Greece)

The town where people live normally

[ Sept.2013 ] In Ermoupoli in Syros island, ordinary people live normally.

There are many islands where the tourists are the leading characters, but not here.

This is the capital of Cyclades Islands and the legal and administrative centre.

Not a large islands, but many people live here.

When we went out of the hotel for a walk in the town, a priest of the Orthodox church greeted us “good morning!”.

After a while, when I was taking a photo of a church, a middle aged woman started talking to me, ” You should go in.

It is like a museum.

The acoustics are good, too and if you stay until Sunday, you can hear a very good chorus”.

Also, when we asked the way to a young woman, she said ” the map is wrong.

I will come with you to the main road” and took us to the point where we could go without getting lost.

Everybody was very kind in the natural way and they gave us very good impression.

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