enjoy swimming at Blue Caves

enjoy swimming at Blue Caves

I continue talking about the tour in Zakynthos Island in Greece.

Because the water at the Xygia beach was too cold to swim, we went on driving and stopped at Skinari where there was a wind mill.

zakynthos panoramaThis wind mill is a hotel, apparently.

The sea we saw from the top of the cliff was very beautiful.

From there we went down to the boarding point of the small boat which goes around the blue caves in Zakynthos.

It cost €10 per person.

The peak of the tourist season has already passed, but still there were quite a few tourists there, so we had to wait for a while.

While we were waiting, a Chinese tour group came down and because they had chartered boat, they went without waiting much.

I said to Katerina, our guide “There are surprisingly many Chinese tourists here” and she said “Yes many! But there are even more Polish tourists here”.

She picked up a bottle abandoned on the ground and said “And this is what they do” disapprovingly.

It is interesting to hear the opinions of workers in the local tourist industry about the characters of tourists from each country.

We heard a comment on Indian tourists recently in Russia.

After a while, a woman in charge for the boat said “Look! There is a monk seal there“.

When I peered out at the sea, I could see an animal which looked like a seal showing his head up from the surface of the water far away near a cliff.

The Mediterranean monk seals are in danger of extinction.

She told us that because this one cannot live in the sea near the town any more, it came up to the north end of the island.

After that, we got on the boat at last.blue caves zakynthos

It was a glass boat and we could see the groups of small fish.

Blue Caves were made by the erosion of the soft lime stone rocks which forms the island.

Our small boat went into the blue caves Zakynthos.

It was not so shocking as the Blue Grotto in Capri in Italy, but it was surely nice blue.

There were tunnels of rocks, too as well as some interesting shapes of the rocks around there.

Our boat moored there and it was the time for us to swim.

At first I hesitated because the water looked cold, but because my husband who had said “No, I am not going” a while ago followed other people and jumped into the sea, I decided to go in, too.

blue caves zakynthos insideAs usual I had the life jacket on before getting into the sea.

It was cold, but by keeping moving I got used to it and I felt great.

The water was really clean and beautiful.

This year we have been so lucky with the sea.

We swam in January in Colombia, in April in Japan, in July in Sicily and now at the end of September again enjoyed the sea.

It was a short boat trip but definitely it was worth doing it.

[ Sept. 2017 ]