Historical Amazake shop

Historical Amazake shop

[ Dec.2014 ] The main reason why we went to Kanda Shrine in Tokyo was in fact to have some Amazake (sweet beverage made from fermented rice or sake lees).

The shop is called Amano-ya and situated just next to the approach to the shrine.

Both the exterior and interior looked very old and indeed it is really old, founded in 1597 when the Kanda Shrine was moved to this place.

They have natural cellar 6 metres below the shop and since the foundation they have been making Koji, malted rice which is the material for Amazake there, according to the leaflet we got at the shop.

And apparently, in Edo era (1603 – 1868), Amazake was the only sweetener for commoners.

They served salty Miso (soybean oaste) with Amazake.

The combination was excellent.