Blue sky in Gallipoli

Blue sky in Gallipoli

[ Apr.2013 ] As people often say, the shape of Italy is like a boot kicking a stone.

On the day we travelled around the heel part, we arrived in Gallipoli in the early afternoon.

The weather turned fine as if this morning’s storm had been my imagination.

According to my guidebook, the old part of Gallipoli used to be an island, but now it is connected to the main land.

In the 16th and 17th century, this town was very prosperous by trading olive oil, but now the main income is coming from fishing and tourism.

Walking in the old town, we bumped into some grand buildings which looked like noblemen’s manor houses with decorative windows, but on the ground floor, we could see the washings of people living there.

In front of the closed Basilica di Sant’Agata, there was a few shops selling souvenirs made of shells and I spent quite a lot to get a coral ring made by a local artisan.