Capri Town and Clock Tower

Capri Town and Clock Tower

[ Oct.2015 ] The last destination of our tour in Capri island in southern Italy was the town of Capri.

This is the photo of the clock tower in the Piazzetta.

Our guide, Salvio, pointed at this tower and, at the same time, showed his own watch.

The face was the same.

I did not fancy the watches of the flower garden we saw in Anacapri, but this one was attractive.

Thinking about that, I looked around the town with our family.

There was a well working with the same system as in Roman times, which collected rainwater in a tank to get the water out of the well.

We walked around the narrow white alleys like a maze.

Then we came back to the square and I aked Salvio where I could get the watch.

After phoning a few places, he took me to one watch shop near the port.

This watch will be a great memory.

There was a small doll at the window of a kiosk near the pier of the boat to go back to Sorrent.

Apparently this doll is Salvio himself.

I could not understand why he became a doll, though…