Closed down restaurants

Closed down restaurants

[ Oct.

2012] This time in Milan, I was disappointed twice.

One was this closed down place in the photo.

This was a restaurant called Abbadesse which served Milanese cooking like Risotto Alla Milanese or Osso Buco.

It was in a building originally built in the 15th century and the restaurant itself had about 35 years’ history.

This restaurant was a favourite of someone I knew, who would have been 73 years old if she lived, which makes me sad, too.

I wondered what happened to this restaurant, so searched online and found that a few years ago, it was bought together with another restaurants in the same road, and since then the quality of taste and the service had gone down and a lot of people stopped going there.

What a shame…

Another disappointment was that the other restaurant I liked in Milan, behind the Duomo called Bruschetta was closed as well.

This one was forced to close because of the renovation work of the building, according to the notice there.

They seem to be looking for another place to re-open the restaurant.

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