The first winery

The first winery

[March, 2012] The first winery I visited in Langhe in Piedmont in Italy was called Salvano.

I just rang the door bell and popped in and found it was not open on Saturday.

But the receptionist said 'Our owner is here at the moment, so I will go and ask him' and came back with him.

This sort of flexible reaction is really Italian.

The owner said ” I have to fetch my children, but I can spear 10 minutes” and showed me around.

This company export a lot and it seems that the main customers are Chinese.

He said that he went to China 8 times last year.

He also said that when he was in London, he ordered one of his wines at a restaurant and found it cost £52 there, though he sells it for 10 euro.

I remember one French person was saying that in the UK, French wines are too expensive there.

The UK is not really a wine producer, so people can enjoy wines from all over the world, but the problem is that they are all rip-off…

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