Restaurant in Bellagio

Restaurant in Bellagio

[ Nov.2015 ] In Bellagio, the town on Lake Como in north Italy, we looked for a restaurant called La Fontana, which we had found on the internet.

We had the reservation, but did not know which slope to take, so we asked a local person for directions.

He said “that is a good restaurant”, so our expectations rose.

The restaurant was quite simple and had a relaxed atmosphere.

I was satisfied with my steak.

I had not eaten meat for some time by that point.

The presentation was very interesting.

Next to my steak, there was a mushroom made of an apple.

Some of the dishes had flowers, too.

According to the website, this place is run by two brothers, Mario and Raffaele.

They have had restaurants not only in Italy but in the US, as well, in the last 20 years or so.