Selfish weather and politician

Selfish weather and politician

[ Apr.2013 ] On the last day of our trip in Puglia in south Italy, we went up north along the coast from Otranto to Bari.

Early in the morning, the weather was fine and the colour of the sea was a great combination of emerald green and cobalt blue, but later it changed to grey to olive green along with the change of the sky.

When we went to a bar on a beach to use their toilet, the woman there said “the weather changes selfishly just like politicians”.

Then her speech started, “Current politics is rubbish.

Politicians should go back to the value of family first”.

She told us that when they chose her daughter’s university, she went all over the country with her daughter.

She found Siena was the best place for her daughter, so the daughter went there and became a lawyer.

Even now, when the daughter has any difficulty, she hurries to her and supports her.

Her voice was hugely loud.

She was speaking as if she had thousands of audience.

She was a really simple countryside woman, but wearing nice purple sweater with the beautiful scarf, and had the eye shadow of the same colour with the sweater.