Golden Basilica di San Marco

Golden Basilica di San Marco

[ Nov.

2012 ] I went into Basilica di San Marco in Venice.

The golden ceiling and the marble floor are marvelous.

To enter into the church is free, but if you want to see the gold screen with 2000 gemstones, you need to pay 2 euros.

Because this church is full of gold, the atmosphere is a little like the church in east Europe.

To be honest, photography was not allowed, but the flash lights were on here and there, I tried some shots without flash.

According to the mask manufacturer I met one day before, underneath the church there are 150000 stakes to support it.

In fact, all over Venice, numerous stakes are supporting the city.

By the way, in the sea, too, there are stakes to show the boats where to go.

When the city was attacked, people pulled out these stakes historically so that the enemy boats got stuck.

And when the enemies were not able to move, citizens attacked them back and always won the battles.