Model of a house

Model of a house

[ Nov.

2012 ] Whenever I find a model of a local house in my travelling, I purchase it, because it is a great memory.

I found one in Venice, too.

When I entered the shop, the streets were full of students who had just finished their graduation ceremony.

They walked around the city singing some coarse song loudly and repeatedly.

Hearing that, the shop keeper, who was upper side of the middle age, frowned and said ‘ can you believe that those are the top human resources in this country….’.

The university in Venice seems to have a high reputation.

By the way, this man wrapped the model I bought with some wrapping paper again and again to protect it.

The way he did was traditional and I liked it.

He must have been doing this for tens of years every day.

Even in this touristy city, the old fashioned small shops are surviving, which is one of the attractive elements of Italy.