Flooded Venice

Flooded Venice

[Nov.2012] That day, Venice was flooded because the sea water level went up to the historical level.

Early in the morning around 5:30am, I heard an alert siren, followed by three consecutive electronic sounds repeatedly, as if a space ship was landing.

And then, after a while, I heard the same siren and now four electronic sounds on and on.

The level of the warning went up.

I had known already the tide would be the highest at around 8:30am, so got up early and went downstairs.

The water was already just about the entrance of the hotel.

It was impossible to go out with my ordinary shoes.

But the hotel was ready for that and lended me a pair of too big wellingtons.

Armed with them, I went out slowly to find out how it was in San Marco.

The local woman just getting out of the Water Bus was mumbling ‘tourists are nuisance, coming out even in this situation…’.