Boso no Mura museum (Chiba - Japan)

Boso no Mura museum

[ Mar.2016 ] My family in Japan had been saying that we should visit Boso-no-Mura open air museum in Chiba in Japan and finally we did. It is a huge place with the area of 32 hectare. In the site there are many ancient tombs. Also there are some 18th century houses relocated from places within Chiba prefecture. This museum was open to the public in 1986. They aim for visitors to learn about history through experiencing traditional lifestyle and craft making. So there were some craft making events were going on in the old houses, but not many, as it was a weekday and not so many visitors were there. Instead of craft making, we tried walking on stilts. There were a few people doing it very well and it looked easy, so I thought I could do that without any problems. But in fact, it was impossible. I could not even stand on stilts let alone walking.

This museum is run by a public body of Chiba prefecture. So the entrance fee was as cheap as 300yen (about 2.65 euros, 2.20 pounds) and free for the people over 65. But at the same time, they close very early at 4:30pm. So we could visit only small part of the museum.

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